Company Overview

  • Sinokor Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. inaugurated the first container liner service between the two countries three years before Korea and China established diplomatic relations in 1989. The container liner services Sinokor launched played a major role in enhancing human resources and economic cooperation, and in the normalization of relations between both countries. In 1989, Sinokor made registration of Hong Kong compay “Sinokor Company Ltd.” and was approved nonstop shipments of containers between Korean and China. In June, Maritime and Port Administration Office granted Sinokor to provide contatiner service from Korea to China and made the First nonstop transportation between Korea-China with the virgin voyage of “M/V MELISA”. Following to Sinokor’s virgin voyage between Korea-China, “M/V MACAU VENTURE” and “M/V MILD SPENDOUR” kept direct services from Korea-China successfully and continuously. The first direct calling service between Ulsan and Kwangyang in Korea and Chinese ports in 1998 decreased logistics costs for Korea`s main chemical import and export products, and established a new route for the export of customer cargo, with decreased delivery times. In 2001, Sinokor established liner services between Pyeongtaek in Korea and Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin, and Dalian in China-becoming the container liner to lead the changes in logistics innovation on Korea`s west coast. Sinokor container liner services currently cover 60 ports across 16 countries, including China, Japan, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the UAE, and Korea. Sinokor has 34 subsidiary companies and local offices in these countries and provides excellent customer-oriented service. Sinokor entered the Dry Bulk & Tanker Carriage Sectors in 2001 and provides service with employees of over 100 technical experts who are highly qualified and experienced. Basis its strong abilities, Sinokor has long term contracts with 1st Class Charterers worldwide. Sinokor group is trying to develop a global logistics network with the service, passion, and expertise of it`s 2000 crew and employees, working hard to provide the best services as a total logistics company and a leader in the field under Sinokor`s three priorities of being a customer-oriented company, creating the best possible management system, and developing the best in human resources.